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You've found me! 

I'm Nick Frater, songwriter/producer/multi-instrumentalist. I make music for me, and also magic into life, the music of others under the name Great Sheiks Music.

This site is a space to share some power-pop musical indulgences I've released under my name. You can find links to various projects I've worked on with others at

My music lives in land of 60s/70s sophisticated-pop, a nerdy interest in old keyboards/recording, and a 'more is more' approach to production. If you like that sort of thing too, I hope you'll find plenty to enjoy here!

Based in Croydon, I play a few instruments acceptably (keys/guitar/bass), and wing it on plenty more (I'll let you be the judge). My music has been described as "The Carpenters meets The Flaming Lips", which sounds about right. With a dose of Elliott Smith and Beach Boys for good measure too.

Over the years I've been in, or had the pleasure to play with, loads of bands including Winners, The Rosemary Works, xMan Diamondx, Annexe The Moon, Do Me Bad Things, Love/Baby Lemonade, The Teamsters and Darian Sahanaja/Wondermints, and countless others.

I'm always interested in new projects, so get in touch if you think I might fit your next one!