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You've found me! 

I'm Nick Frater, songwriter/producer/multi-instrumentalist. I make music for me, and also magic into life, the music of others under the name Great Sheiks Music.

This site is a space to share some power-pop musical indulgences I've released under my name. You can find links to various projects I've worked on with others at

My music lives in land of 60s/70s sophisticated-pop, a nerdy interest in old keyboards/recording, and a 'more is more' approach to production. If you like that sort of thing too, I hope you'll find plenty to enjoy here!

Based in Croydon, I play a few instruments acceptably (keys/guitar/bass), and wing it on plenty more (I'll let you be the judge). My music has been described as "The Carpenters meets The Flaming Lips", which sounds about right. With a dose of Elliott Smith and Beach Boys for good measure too.

Over the years I've been in, or had the pleasure to play with, loads of bands including Love/Baby Lemonade (UK Forever Changes show), Darian Sahanaja/Wondermints, Annexe The Moon, Do Me Bad Things, The Teamsters and countless others.

I'm always interested in new projects, so get in touch if you think I might fit your next one!