Artist - Nick Frater

Release - "Something/Nothing?"

Genre - Power Pop

Label - Kool Kat Musik (USA)

Format - CD/download/streaming

Date - Available from 28/9/2018

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This 2017 sophomore album from British multi-instrumentalist and producer Nick Frater is a power-pop treasure!

After the double-take of the album artwork (wearing its heart and inspiration firmly on its sleeve!) - the music lives up to the adventurousness of Rundgren’s original.

The backwards piano of opener “Sleep This Off” sweeps us into a distinctly melancholic late-60s psychedelic mood. We’re then whisked away through track after track of hook-filled songs with inventive arrangements. Think Weezer goes Jellyfish, Nilsson goes Bugsy Malone, even Queen go Stax!  

The title track features legendary drummer Bruce Brand (Billy Childish) recorded at London’s Toe Rag Studios. Swirls of backwards seagulls and sitar provide a modern psychedelic backdrop to tape loops of conversations recorded on public transport!  

Ending with another trademark Beatles meets Elliott Smith ballad this album is a joy to listen to, ideally with your headphones on and cranked up.  

Originally released as a seven track mini-album, Kool Kat Musik have included two EPs as bonus tracks. “In This Room” b/w “Forget To Call” (2016) written and recorded to sound as if it had been made in summer 1965…and it does!  A fantastic slice of Beatles pastiche that gives The Rutles a run for their money.  

This release ends with “New Wave Ep” (2015) - a trio of songs each packed full of hooks and ideas. From the classic power-pop shuffle of “Tell Me What”, which even squeezes in the triplet cellos from Good Vibrations, to “I Won’t Call You Up” which manages to start as a country ballad and end up as a wild surf guitar freak out…and still make sense!

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