Artist - Nick Frater

Release - "Throw Money"

Genre - Power Pop

Label - Kool Kat Musik (USA)

Format - CD/download/streaming

Date - Available from 28/9/2018

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British multi-instrumentalist and producer Nick Frater’s debut album is a must for fans of adventurous pop!

Imagine if The Carpenters had been produced by The Flaming Lips, or Elliott Smith had fronted ELO!

Originally released in 2012, Kool Kat Musik are proud to bring you this undiscovered gem on CD. The title is the first of a few tributes to his musical hero Todd Rundgren (check out his follow-up!) and songs have similar sonic ambition.

Exquisite piano-pop, melodic fuzz guitar, string quartet, orchestral woodwinds, vintage synths and drum machines...there’s plenty of ear-candy to enjoy! Featuring several guest musicians including ex-Do Me Bad Things vocalists Alex Lewis, Nicolai Prowse and Chantal Brown.

The album also includes three bonus tracks taken from his “Eight Ohms To Hold You EP” released 2014. As well as creating his own music, Nick Frater (born 1982) has produced dozens of records for other bands under the pseudonym Great Sheiks, and regularly plays as sideman in the UK power-pop scene, including a surprise cameo with Love/Baby Lemonade, and another with Wondermints!

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"...the Nick Frater album encapsulates everything that I Don't Hear A Single is about and it's from the UK."

"Goodbye Kayfabe is an absolute joy of a listen. Right up our street."

Powerpopaholic (USA)

 "...impressive opener “Built To Last" is one of the best retro-Raspberries singles I’ve heard this year. It’s almost impossible to top!"

Power of Pop (Singapore) 

"...the music harks back to the sophisticated pop songwriting of the 60s and the 70s, where melodic craft is highly prized and inventive arrangements are meant to thrill and surprise, rather than conform to contemporary (mis)conceptions of what pop music should sound like."

Power of Pop (Singapore) 

"we are so gobsmacked to discover such pop-affirming music in these unforgiving (un)musical times."

Darian Sahanaja (Brian Wilson/Wondermints)

"Talented guy"

Ice Cream Man Power Pop And More (Norway)


Songs From So Deep (UK)

"Nick’s music reminds me of Jellyfish’s incredibly knowing but lovingly crafted meta pop"

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