100% DIY

All my music is available on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, and every other streaming site you might be rocking to.

Listen, enjoy, and if you do, then please share.

Power-pop is pretty niche, at least here in Croydon, UK, so making this music is a labour of love, but I do have pretty stupid production values, and shoe-strings don’t turn into string-sections on their own.

You can help get the next albums into your ears by purchasing this music via Bandcamp…and there is an insane amount of new material in the pipeline. Seriously, I’m sitting on at least three albums ready to go!


POWER-POP FANS IN AMERICA - the very excellent folks at Kool Kat Musik in Philadelphia, USA have brought together my entire back catalogue on CD, including EPs and singles as bonus tracks! With some great artwork from Adam Seth Mallett, you can get physical with me.

Nick Frater - Goodbye Kayfabe (+bonus tracks)

Nick Frater - Something/Nothing? (+bonus tracks)

Nick Frater - Throw Money (+bonus tracks)